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A Guide to the Motorcycle Hoists!

A Motorcycle Hoist is an equipment used to lift the motorcycle vertically to an elevated height. It utilizes either hydraulics, compressed air or a combination of these two. Motorcycle hoists have become quite popular among motorcycle owners. It is because many of them do the maintenance and service of their motorbikes on their own.

Why do we need Motorcycle Hoists?

Motorcycle Hoists or lifts are used to maintain, service and store the motorcycle. It raises the height of the motorcycle to work on it easily. Without hoist, it becomes a tiring job as you will have to kneel down or bend you back which could result in fatigue and pain.

Moreover, the motorcycle hoist having wheels can help in moving and storing the vehicle easily. A motorcycle hoist is a must for garages or automotive stores and also for your home if you own a motorcycle.

Types of Motorcycle Hoists

When it comes to the different types of Motorcycle Hoists, there are mainly three types.


This type of motorcycle hoist is mainly utilized for transporting the motorcycle in an upright position. However, it can not be used for lifting the motorcycle.


Hi-lift is used for lifting the vehicle above the ground to a certain height. It comes with a security lock to freeze the movement of the motorcycle once it reaches the required height. Hi-lift is pretty efficient in balancing the entire weight of the vehicle on its platform.

Floor Jacks

It is the most common type of motorcycle hoist. The best thing about it is that it is easy to move as it has wheels. Usually, there is a long handle which is utilized for lifting. Floor Jacks are also easy to keep at home.

These are the three main types of motorcycle hoists, you can choose among them as per your need.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Motorcycle Hoist

There are several things to consider if you are planning to buy a Motorcycle Hoist

  • How much your motorbike weighs?
  • What is the maximum weight that can be put on the hoist?
  • What is the height limit up to which your vehicle can be lifted? (minimum and maximum height range)
  • Can your motorcycle be balanced properly and easily on the platform of the motorcycle hoist?
  • Do you want movable or static hoist?
  • Is the motorcycle hoist equipped with wheels? (If you want the movable hoist)
  • Does the motorcycle hoist ensures stability? The motorcycle hoist should have security locks to prevent the movement.
  • The material used in making the hoist
  • How long you want to keep it and how often you will use?
  • If you want to store it for a longer period of time at your home then the motorcycle hoist should be easy to store. It should not acquire large space.


A Motorcycle Hoist should be handled carefully and you should take some security measures while using it. For example, do not overload the hoist, always use safety locks (if the motorcycle hoist has it). Check the proper balance of the motorcycle on the platform. Be attentive to avoid any serious damage or injury.

 This is the guide to the Motorcycle Hoist, hope it helped you!