Jun 15, 2017 122

I see you

On a day like any other in the summer of 2016 , I took a walk around my Manhattan neighborhood, the Financial District, and I noticed a group of people trying to peek into the windows of the local firehouse. Maybe something was happening so I went to see for myself but it was nothing really other than the curiosity of people trying to see inside the station. What caught my attention also, however, was that at the time of the day the sun hit the windows and created a mirror like effect that did not let you see inside. Shortly after, I left the Firehouse but could not stop thinking of this phenomenon. I wanted to know what it felt like to be on the inside of that mirror-window, as someone whose presence went unnoticed and unacknowledged.

I went back the following day and saw the same thing - people trying to peek inside. I returned every day that week at different times and realized that only in the morning at a certain time did the sun create the mirror effect so I knew that this was the time I needed to create an image that I had in my mind to do.

I could not get this out of my head and one morning I finally decided to try to make this happen. I knew if I didn't try I would never know so I grabbed my camera and knocked on the Firehouse door. The Firefighters were gracious and welcoming. I went inside and saw exactly what I was imaging in my head for nearly a week. People could not see me but I could see them.

I see you become part of my life - Every week I would return to the Firehouse for a little time to rejuvenate my soul, improve my mood and to photography this series where consist in a private look at individuals in a public space, bearing witness to actions thought to have gone unnoticed. One of the great challenges of photography is capturing a real and candid moment without the subject being aware of the apparatus and the observer, to truly be a voyeur. By allowing my curiosity to lead me, I have developed a series of images that show us as we really are.