Aug 05, 2019 0

Marketing & Advertising as Career Options

Marketing is an integral part of any business as it takes the business from outside its offices to the world. All the work and productivity of a company is worthless if it is not available for usage; marketing makes it usable. You can refer the current marketing and advertising news to get the gist of what’s happening lately.

Advertising is a part of marketing and the most critical part of that. Also, it is quite a disruptive industry, where new things soon become old. Take digital marketing, for instance, wherein new ideas and new concepts backed by latest technology is a daily thing. Current marketing and advertising news can make you aware of what marketers are up to.

Marketing is a damn exciting field, attracting the best of the best minds to the industry every year. People wanting to do non-monotonous work mostly pursue a career in marketing. The job has its challenges as creating anything new takes a toll. Digital marketing has been getting a lot of attention lately. The complete last decade has shown a straight rising growth curve for digital in the marketing industry spends. It has tremendous power, and it is growing mad. If you refer to any current marketing and advertising news, you’ll agree with me.

Advertising, traditionally used to be different and involved majorly print paper ads, then was the time of the next big thing, television, and now the hero is digital. Also, the importance of OOH still stays the same to gain mass attention. Advertising, as it is seen, is the most crucial part of marketing. PR, live events etc. have their importance in marketing a company. But the best thing a marketer can do here is to integrate them all and take a cumulative approach towards promoting the brand or product.

If you are looking to have a career in marketing, you need to study all aspects of it, see its meaning as a whole and see where you would fit. You can shortlist a few options you think you’d be suitable for. You can always intern with marketing agencies and get hands your on multiple profiles like media, creative, tech etc. as a management trainee. A bachelors in BMM is not strictly required but can help you a lot to get it into this industry smoothly.

The industry is growing at a fantastic pace, and its never going to run out of business as it runs businesses. So, make a right choice for yourself and while you’re at it also stay updated with the latest industry happenings by regularly visiting current marketing and advertising news over the internet.