Sustainability entrepreneur. Product designer & maker. Founder @OneCelsius. Previously founded @Ubersense (acquired by @Hudl). Ex-Yahoo. Ph.D. Love urban hikes.

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I belong to a family of makers. My mom ran a bags manufacturing business in the late 80s, and my Dad designed large-scale sheet metal processing and plastics moulding machinery. Many generations of my ancestors made astonishingly beautiful zardozi sareees in India, hence my last name, Jardosh - a maker of zardozi.

I am an academic-researcher-turned-techie-entrepreneur-turned-product-designer. However, I've always been a maker first.

I started Alphonso & Co in 2013 with the goal of combining my passion for making things with my personal belief in sustainable living. 

The name Alphonso comes from a variety of mango that is one of nature's best fruits. My mission at Alphonso & Co is to use the alphonso mango as an inspiration and make products that are the very best for our environment. 

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