May 09, 2017 4

Finding a niche

When I was 13 i struggled with making friends, and other social experiences. I couldn't ever find a way to relate to other kids; even though when i was younger i had no problems going out and playing and being friends with everyone. It seemed the awkward teenage years were taking a toll on me and I didn't know how to adjust. At age 14 after struggling for a year to make friends my oldest cousin gave me his old PS1, he had gotten a ps2 for Christmas and knew that i always enjoyed watching him play. He gave me several games, racing, wrestling, and one single rpg. The rpg was Final Fantasy 7 and it helped change my life.I loved paying the game, I found a way to relate to new friends who also loved the FF series. I was even given a copy of the newer at the time FF8 and i finally found a niche and it took a lot of weight off my shoulders with trying to fit in. When i had a bad day i could come home and play my Playstation and everything was better. I was able to get a ps2 handed down to me, some time later i actually got to buy my own ps3. That was a great feeling. I got the PS4 on launch day. I have had a psp and a vita. I love all the Sony products, and despite everything over the years with rival systems i have always stayed true to my roots. Every once in awhile i want nothing more than to dust off my ps1 and play FF7 again... at least until Destiny 2 comes out. :)