May 28, 2019 0

Tips To Give Your Cheese Sandwich A Healthy Twist

A cheese sandwich is more than just a delicious snack, it is comfort food for many of us. It is the definition of wholesome- warm, cheesy, filling and yet easy to whip up in just a few minutes when you are too tired or lazy to cook an entire meal. And besides, whether it is whole wheat pizza base or multigrain brown bread, bread is always a satisfying end to a long day. Yet, if you feel a little conscious or guilty about those extra carbs, then here we have a few tips to give your cheese sandwich a healthy twist.

• Choosing the right bread

Choosing the right kind of sandwich bread can help you reduce the carbs on your sandwich, giving you a lighter stomach and a healthy feeling. Ditch white flour, which might be good to taste but adds unnecessary carbs to your sandwich. Go for breads that have fibre, which will also help in better digestion.

• Choosing healthier cheese

You can also choose varieties of cheese that are low-fat, such as Feta, Ricotta, Mozzarella and Cheddar. While you might want to stick with known brands of cheese, exploring other varieties, especially low-fat ones may do you a lot of good in the long-run. You may end up developing the taste for a much healthier variety.

• Load your sandwich with healthy ingredients

Instead of going for a plain cheese sandwich, grill your sandwich and add a few healthy options to it. For protein, you can add some lean meat that does not add to the fat content of the sandwich. Sliced chicken, turkey, or fish like canned tuna or salmon are some better alternatives. Everything becomes healthier with salads, and so add some vegetables for some vitamins and minerals. From tomatoes to olives, customise your sandwich with what you like with cheese and make a perfect combination.

• Grilling your sandwich

Choose not to add butter or oil while grilling your sandwiches. They will still remain crusty, without the extra layer of fat. Grilling also helps when you want to load your sandwich with vegetables or meats. Toasting with butter also adds extra fat, so toast your sandwich only if you want to warm it, and try to avoid butter or oil.

• Substituting sandwich spreads

If you are fond of sandwich spreads, and feel they are essential for your sandwich, then try to avoid spreads that are high in fat content. Go for healthier alternatives such as hummus, or opt for specific low-fat spreads.

These tips may not seem like they will make a huge difference, but they will surely make you feel lighter on your stomach and give you more energy for the day, as opposed to ingredients with a high fat-content that will leave you feeling heavy, full and guilty.