May 16, 2019 0

Healthy Spring Snacks That You Must Try

We all seem to cringe at the very idea of healthy food. After all, how far can you go to make it interesting? Many times, it comes across as boring and bland. But what if we tell you that all those tasteless misconceptions about healthy food are just in your head?

In order to make the healthy food delicious, all you need is some tips and tricks. Fortunately, the younger generation is a tad-bit faster when it comes to making the food interesting and healthy at the same time.

Trust us when we say that all you need is a little formula to make that bland cholesterol free bread taste amazing then we truly mean it. Here we tell you some healthy yet tasty spring snack recipes that you must try this season.

Bread Upma: this south India inspired bread recipe can be prepared in just 15 minutes. Made with toasted and crispy crumbs of bread, this recipe can be served as both in breakfast and as an evening snack. Make small bread crumbs and then roast them up until they become crisp. When these crumbs become a little brown, add a little water to the pan. Let it heat for a while and add veggies and salt to it. Cover it up and heat it for 15 minutes. Your bread upma is ready to serve.

Garlic Cheese Toast: This recipe is not only healthy but also very delicious. With your favorite seasoning, grated cheese and butter this flavorsome chunk of happiness will give your morning a super start. Take brown bread or preferably rusk toast for that matter. Drizzle some veggies, mozzarella cheese, a good amount of garlic, and roast it on a heated pan. Once the cheese melts completely, serve it with ketchup and your yum snack is ready to eat.

French Toast: A typical French toast has been a part of the childhood memories of most of us. As Indians, we never fail to try different concoctions of it. This is very easy to make and fits breakfast time perfectly. Beat together egg, sugar, salt, cinnamon and milk together. Toast the bread on a pan dip in the mixture from both the sides. You can serve this crunchy delight either with powdered sugar or maple syrup. If you have drizzled it with veggies, we suggest you to serve it ketchup. You can also try the typical sour and salty green chutney for a twist.