Jun 30, 2017 393

Fleeting Florence

I didn't need convincing that Italy is a truly magical country so I jumped at the chance to extend my stay after a work trip to Milan. It all happened quickly so I didn't have much time to plan but enjoyed the prospect of being spontaneous and travelling for ten days wherever the wind took me.

After a few days in the Cinque Terre I had a few free days to spare and on a complete whim I choose to catch the train to Florence. I had been when I was a teenager so was initially hesitant to go back. It ended up being the best decision I had made in quite some time.

In spring Florence is in bloom. Wisteria beautifully lines the streets. The grass is a luscious green. The sunsets are unbeatable. I headed to a view points with a bottle of beer in my hand each evening. Its a touristy place but its very possible to find places to chill.

I travelled with my Sony A7rii with a number of lenses. My 70-200mm came in very handy when up high as I was able to zoom in an capture nice details of the stunning bridges and churches that cover the city.

Other points of note was the incredible incredible pizza in the city. I think this is worth noting as there is nothing better than a satisfying meal after a long afternoon of taking pics!