Jul 24, 2017 4

Constructibility Review Process to Uplift the Quality of your Residential Building Project

Building a home can be a big challenge for you as it involves complicated decisions and huge investments. In that case, your single mistake can cause a serious building issue for you. To avoid all these hassles, it is important to include constructability review process during the project development phases.

What are the major benefits of considering constructability review process during the design phase of a construction project? Well, when there are thousands of tasks are being handled by hundreds of people, including all contractors, subcontractors, designers, architects, design-assisting the team, etc. it is common to have some potential errors in your construction project. Performing a constructability review is a value added process that enables to identify all the errors and streamline the project team.

This process of reviewing the drawings and specifications, confirming exactly the project the owner wants and identifying all potential obstacles ahead of time which can help prevent delays, errors and extra costs. A constructability review process may take a bit extra time and efforts, but there are several benefits to this process that makes it well worth it.

The common benefits of constructability review:

● Help in avoiding delays caused by construction document errors

● Minimize the amount change orders

● Improves communication/ relations among the project team members

● Improves the overall project design

● Lower the risk of lawsuits and claims

● Improves your project quality and provides the ability to plan for a difficult scope of work.

These are the few common benefits of the constructability review process that can help your construction team better. In fact, you can increase the quality of your project and get what exactly you have dreamed of by simply assigning the team of professional engineers at your construction site.