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Explore A Pleasant Nepal To Tibet Trip And Experience An Unforgettable Journey

Are you looking for a hassle free trip that drive your attention to some of the most mesmerizing natural beauties, that too with the convenience of a comfortable journey?? Then, you definitely got to explore a gratifying Nepal to Tibet journey, that will make you come across a bountiful of natural sights, while having a look at that vast stretches of the hills and valleys.

So, if you are one of those, who love to get the experience of an out-and-out pleasant journey once in a while, then go for a for Nepal to Tibet trip, as there is so much things you will come across while covering the whole journey.

How to travel?

In fact, one can access the journey from Nepal to Tibet almost through all means of communication like buses, trains, and even flights. If, you are going by train, then you are certainly facing the most comfortable journey. However, a journey by train can be as long as 22-55 hours, leading all way to Lhasa , which is considered as the heart of Tibet, whereas flights don’t take more than 6-7 hours, a journey of 90 minutes being the shortest.

A Nepal to Tibet overland Tour is worth exploring.

Apart from the conventional Nepal Tibet trips, you can simply take the pleasure of a Nepal to Tibet overland tour that will convert your holiday trip into an indelible memory. You can opt for a fortnight overland tour, and spend a week each in Nepal and in Tibet. When you are in Nepal, you can’t afford to miss to visit the most popular tourist destinations there, like the Chitwan national park, the very famous Kathmandu valley and Pokhara, which will be an absolute visual treat for you.

While being in Tibet, you can behold the mesmerizing sights of the Himalayas as long as you want, and visit places like the ancient town of Lhasa, the Potala palace etc. This over land trip usually comprises a duration of 15 days, where you get the scope to imbibe the cultures of two different regions.