Artist, Illustrator, Bboy working at Threadless.

My Story

I'm an artist that currently resides in Chicago and works at Threadless as a designer. When I'm not designing original tees to sell on Threadless or creating new illustration collections, I spend as much time as I can with my amazing wife Cathy, our two great kids, Alexis and Levi, and our English Bulldog Charlie aka Bean Burrito.

Here is a fun video I created with my family.

Art has been a passion of mine all my life, I create or work on some type of art everyday. I make sure to sit and doodle something - even if it's only a few minutes.  

I think my passion and love for what I do shows in the work I create.

After high school I felt that art couldn’t pay the bills. The starving artist idea haunted me, so I focused on design and web development, and learning to code. Design helped my illustration and art, to add a concept-driven look to everything I created. 

In recent years I have been focused on pushing my art. I have gotten tons of opportunities and traveled around the world. I even won an international illustration award in Brazil! I was able to share my story with over 2.5k people! (Public Speaking is one of my biggest fears)

Art has pushed me. It has given me courage to do stuff I've never dreamed of doing. I'm really focused and excited to keep pushing hard to see where it takes me!

In the meantime you can catch me working at Threadless as a Senior Designer and follow me on Instagram for my latest work

About My Art

I try to work with lots of different mediums. Below are some current projects I'm working on, outside of Threadless shirts designs. All of which have gone viral on the internet.

Icons Unmasked - This one is all digital, working on the idea of remixing existing art but adding my own twist to it. Above are some of the illustrations from the series, along with a quick video below of the process behind it:

Process video condensed to 15 seconds

Here is a series called inKteraction. I created everything by hand, but worked with photography to make things come to life:

A part of one of the illustrations condensed to 15 seconds

I try to take subjects that everyone is familiar and add a twist - make them my own. For example, I caused a bit of a controversy with my series Adorable Circle of Life:

Famous Chunkies is one of my most popular series. It keeps getting shared – over and over! I created a book, toys, and shirts, which are also available on, plus more!

Aside from shirt designs, I am always looking for exciting projects and cool partners to work with. Below are a few I'm particularly proud of that I have done work for in the past:

Threadless, Chevrolet, New Balance, MineCraft, Thorn Foundation, TMNT, Spiderman, GAP, SpongeBobSquarePants, Nightmare BeforeXmas, Nick Retro, Sony, Disney, Marvel, Adventure Time, Peanuts, Mr. Clean, Corona Light, Pepsi, Gatorage, McDonald's,+ more.

For more art follow me :

or check out my website 

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