Aug 21, 2017 18

Benefits of Using Salesforce ERP

If you’re taking ages to reconcile the company financial during end month, you’re using guesswork rather than solid figures to project sales, or you’re unable to keep up with the order volume and client satisfaction, you probably need an ERP system. Salesforce ERP integration comes with various benefits. Among them being the harmonization of the data between different systems. This automatically does away with manual data entry tasks, which are time consuming and prone to human error. The following are some important benefits attributed to the sales force ERP integration.

Improved Customer Experience

When a business keeps errors on check, it then translates into improved customer experience. This is ideally because customers are given what they ask for. For instance, the probability of an error in the products ordered or quantity is eliminated. It further gives the business the right data, enabling it to offer better services to clients.

Enables Tracking of Inventory and Their Prices

Whenever a product is added and updated in the ERP system, the changes reflect in the sales force. This is also the case in the event that the price of a product is updated. This synchronization serves to get rid of possible human errors, which may include the error of omission or double entry and so on. This ensures your staff is always up to date with any changes related to the products.

Proper Records of Accounts and Customers

The synchronization of the records in the sales force and customers in the ERP ensures accuracy of the data. This is mainly because a master record for every account or customer is created. From this, monitoring is possible as any update on the list is reflected in both systems in real time.

It Keeps All Departments Up To Date

This ultimately translates into the smooth flow of tasks in the organization. For instance, the accounting department creates an invoice. Once the data is moved into the sales force, it keeps the sales and the customer service departments well updated on the development. This will guide them while serving the customer in question.


It is important to find a reputable ERP service provider who will give you what will suit the needs of your business. There is no doubt that Sales force ERP results into a better structured sales force application. This leads into increased access by relevant players able to access vital customer and product information. It will boost the efficiency of the organization. Seek the opinion of various departments to determine which of the uses of such integration are most important; it will help you give priority to what is more viable first.