May 09, 2017 10

Sony Fan For Life

When I was a kid in 1986, my dad came home with a Sony CCD-V1 Video 8 camcorder. We were the first people we knew to have one. Whenever we recorded our family vacations, people standing around thought they were on TV. This pioneered my obsession for video and film production. I noticed TV stations had Sony cameras and TVs as I sat in various studio audiences. In the early 90s, we upgraded to the newer CCD-TR16, that fit in our hands instead of shoulder mount. People no longer mistook us for a news crew, but it was better quality with HiFi sound, and nicer to carry. 

In the mid 90s, Sony brought out the Mini DV cameras. The first being the DCR-VX1000. I would find any excuse to go and look at it, but I couldn't afford to buy it. Then the shoulder-mount VX9000 came out. I wanted one, but didn't have the means. When the DCR-TRV900 came out, a travelers Digital camcorder with 3CCDs, I was blown away, and my loving father bought it for me. 

I used it everywhere and recorded weddings and corporate videos with it, editing on my computer using Adobe Premiere. I had just gone to college and used Sony U-Matic SP with linear editing, so this new digital stuff was blowing me away!  I gained work experience in a production house using Sony Betacam SP and Digital Betacam decks. They were just starting to tinker with Sony's DVCAM equipment too. 

I worked for a retailer that sold consumer and broadcast video equipment. I sold more Sony than any other brand. Most were TRV950's, VX2000's, DSR-PDX10's, and PD150's. I knew the products very well. I stayed there until Sony came in and talked to us about the new XDCAM optical disc format. 

Later on, I saw Sony come out with HDV and XDCAM EX. Lacking the money to upgrade, it wasn't until Sony came out with the HDR-SR12, that I would actually get a high definition camcorder! But it was brilliant. It was what we had been waiting for, for years. 

Now I am at the same point with 4K video. I would really like one. When Sony announced the 1" 4K still and video cameras, my reaction was that this was the perfect size that we have needed for a long time. Any bigger, and you need multiple lenses and you lack the convenience of an ENG camera. But the size increase over 1/3-2/3" sensors, gave it the bokeh and low-light performance we had been missing, without giving up the ergonomics. 

I would love to have an RX100V to have high quality photos and videos with a pocket-sized camera. My smartphone lacks the quality, and my DSLR lacks the convenience! 

I have also had multiple Sony Bravia TVs, Trinitron and Wega TVs, Sony Walkmans, a Sony DAVS880 Dream System, and a Sony CyberShot (DSC-F707), which was one of the best still cameras I have ever owned.