Jan 20, 2017 1133

What´s up with the big smile?

That was the question a Custom´s officer made to my wife and I at Atlanta airport. "Because we are headed to Paris!" Both of us said. That was the first trip I was to take carrying my then newly arrived Cavalier II, back in November 2013. 

From that moment forward, my trusty Cavalier has been a faithful companion and witness to my travels. From short weekend trips, to month long travels, be it for work, leisure, or adventure, I take it with me.

I have been lucky to add a few other pieces along the way, a Holdall, and an Editor 271 tote bag, of which I have a funny anecdote; This last fall, also in Paris, after a day of wandering, we decided to check out the recently renovated Ritz hotel. We arrived at the bar after which the host took our coats and my Editor. After a couple of drinks, and when we are getting ready to leave, the host brings our coats but not my Editor. When I asked about it, he replied, "It´s a really nice bag, I thought you might not notice it missing". Haha, get your own, amigo, get your own.