Jul 30, 2019 34

Oribel Vertiplay STEM


VertiPlay Marble Run blurs the line between playing and learning. Create a Marble Run on the wall with a few simple ramps. Easily extendable and completely modular; there is no limit to the length or complexity of the VertiPlay Marble Run!

Fun way to learn STEM:

Logical thinking, creativity, math, engineering - there's so much to learn while having fun!

Unlimited ways to play

Explore, experiment and build different marble runs. Designed to be versatile, many games in one.

Happy rooms and walls

Play on the wall, so no clutter on the floor. Add some cheer to the walls witha loooong marble run!

Made With Love: Product meets and exceeds ASTM and EN standards.

Toys Stick Well On: Raw wood, painted wood, laminates, dry walls and most smooth surfaces.

Don't Stick Well On: Textured painted walls and rough surfaces.


  • 2 Silicone Mat Boards
  • 2 Wooden Balls
  • 4 Straight Tracks
  • 2 Curvy Tracks
  • 1 See-saw
  • 2 End Caps
  • 10 Connectors


  • Recommended Age: 3-5 years: Assisted Play, 5+ years: Free Play
  • Dimensions: 16.2 L x 18 H
  • Weight: 2.91lbsĀ