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Babyzen Landing JUNE 2019

from birth to toddler

from birth to toddler

About Babyzen

Designed in France, the YOYO is one of the most lightweight and compact full-feature strollers available today. It’s a versatile all-in-one that takes your littles from birth through the toddler years, and it’s defining feature is that it folds down so small, it can be taken on board an airplane and stored in the overhead bin. It can be carried on the shoulder like a bag and steered with one hand—two features that are essential for parents on-the-go. Use the car seat adapters to clip a variety of car seats onto the frame. Give big brothers or sisters a ride with the YOYO Board attachment that gives kids the choice to sit or stand. With a YOYO stroller, it's never been easier to meet up with friends, catch a cab, hop onto the subway, or fly to the other side of the world.