Jun 24, 2019 0

Latest Trends Emerging in Logistics Space in India

Warehousing is the complete activity of shipping and storing goods and ready products for consumption. The most important asset of a warehousing system is its automated storages and handling facilities. The warehousing industry has its grip over most of the businesses as they require spaces to store their raw materials or finished products with precision so as to process them as per requirement.

Warehousing takes away the load of the manufacturers as they have answers to the complicated problems of a company such as where to store their products and how should they be placed optimally so that it is cost effective. The requirement for these activities is a well-directed, scientific, and sensible approach toward the warehousing function.

The globalisation has affected the warehousing industry positively as the growth of customer base, logistics space for lease and industrial interaction has provided larger and wider scopes to manage better manufacturers. The warehouse companies now have best storage and transport facilities available which helps them beat the challenges encountered while troubleshooting for producers and clients.

Another common trend developed in the industry is the use of Radio frequency identification that allows a machine to store and retrieve goods in the warehouse on the basis of the label number assigned on the package. This improves the productivity within work hours and it saves time and is very cost effective. Warehousing companies being the party logistics service is also a very common trend seen nowadays. This has improved the accuracy and productivity of the manufacturers as they have taken over the major problems of the producers of storage and transportation.

The technology is continuously being upgraded in logistics parks in India. Some of the latest examples observed are ERP software, storage technology, warehousing distribution method, warehousing storage software, inventory software, etc. The advanced technology helps the management of logistics and warehouse keep a keen eye on the dimensions of the commodity and get an optimal solution of their storage in an economic manner.

Apart from the general work of storage, warehouse is also involved in packaging and labelling of the products while they move in and out of the facility. To protect the goods against damages and ensure a safe delivery of the items the packaging is most important. Along with this the packages have to labelled and tagged efficiently so that the management becomes easier. The tracking of the items needs to be 100 percent functional and labelling of the items is important as the technology will help increase the work efficiency.