Jun 22, 2016 729

Your Happiness Matters

What is happiness? Happiness is the feeling of completeness, having a memorable experiences, taking chances that will better your life. Knowing what is best for you is the first thing that you should constantly think about on an everyday basis. Are you happy? What can you do to make your day better? Can you do it? All I hear are questions, but no one is taking action.

My name is Zoey and today I want to speak to you guys about my fitness journey. To be honest with you guys, I am no where near to being "fit" as in toned, skinny, with abs; I am slightly heavier than I should be according to the BMI charts. When I was in Elementary School, I was bullied; got made fun of about the way I looked, the way I dressed like a boy and I had glasses. One thing a lot of people didn't know about me is that I loved technology. At a young age, I was able to setup a computer, setup dial-up internet, and many more you can think of that was back in 2004. I never got into sports or even cared about the way I look; the fitness mentality was no where near my family's tradition and lifestyle. 

My everyday passion is to drink Starbucks, try new things such as archery, and be adventurous! Gym would be the very last thing on my list, even if it was to run the lake. In order for me to go out to exercise, you have to bribe me with food or drinks. A lot of my friends and family members all tell me that I should consider losing weight to better my health and to feel good about myself. To be honest, I do not feel unhappy. I love my body the way it is, I mean sure I want to look like a hot model, but if I want it badly I will do it. I am content with my life and how it is right now, especially the way I look. True friends gives you tips and feedback, but they still support you 100%.