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Why is High Performance Glass for Energy Efficiency a Great Value for Money option?

A modern house requires modern fixtures to appear attractive and inviting. Technological developments have led to the invention of lots of household products that are not only appealing but also highly functional. For instance, high performance glasses offer various solutions that maintain a balance between the outdoors and indoors. Apart from that, their aesthetic features elevate the look of your house as well.

High performance energy efficient glasses are perfect for the Indian customers willing to escape the scorching heat during summers. They are specifically designed to reflect away heat and prevent the climatic changes to have any impact on the atmosphere indoors. This ensures a comfortable environment inside and thus, reduces the use of electrical appliances like AC. Consequently, the energy consumption by household appliances drops significantly and a lot of money is saved on utility bills.

The Indian subcontinent has unique climatic conditions. Most areas receive high temperature that is really uncomfortable to Indian customers. Glass manufacturing companies in India manufacture them because the unique mechanism of these glasses reflects away the UV rays and radiation of the sun and prevents them from entering the house. Besides maintaining the indoor temperature, it also helps preventing damage on furniture and other decorative caused by these harmful rays of the sun. However, while reflecting away the harmful UV rays to prevent damages, they ensure that sufficient light enters the house so that the interiors appear brighter.

High Performance glasses are an environment-friendly option. They are a perfect conglomeration of energy efficiency and optimum daylighting. With these glasses, architects create a comfortable and serene atmosphere inside the house that ensures the peace of mind of the house owners. They add a unique appealing sense to your house that attracts the attention of every passer-by as well. Widely used on exterior facades, these high performance glasses deliver superior performance by elevating the kerb appeal of your house and promoting high standard green architecture.

These glasses are a very prudent choice for the hospitality sector as well. The round-the-clock demand for AC and lighting gets reduced as they allow natural light to enter but not the harmful radiations of the sun. Hence, they help in making more savings on utility bills. Also, the glass façade appears very attractive from the outside and draws more guests. From the inside, they offer a spectacular wide view of the outdoors.

Available in various natural shades, high performance glasses are a great option for energy efficiency. High-end brands like AIS Glass offer several options like Enhance (Solar Control), Exceed (Solar Control Low-E Glass), Essence (Low-E), Edge (Solar Control Glass & Thermal Insulation - Low E Glass) and Excel (Solar Control Double Low-E).