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Build your energy efficient sanctum with AIS solutions

In today’s world, when all the natural resources are depleting, it is important to understand the necessity of saving energy and using it efficiently. Windows which are made of energy efficient glasses are critical to a construction’s energy efficiency. Additionally, choosing the right energy efficient glass will help in controlling the amount of heat that can enter or escape a building. This is particularly useful in India which harbours extreme weather conditions throughout the year. One can consult top glass manufacturing companies the likes of AIS Glass to build an energy efficient sanctum. Some of the solutions offered by such companies are:

1. Glazing

Energy efficient glazing is the most effective way to control energy usage. By glazing windows, one can prevent heat from escaping the house. The windows with glazing insulate the house, thus improving the energy efficiency and saving money on electricity bills.

2. Solar control glass

A type of energy-efficient glass, solar control glass is designed to prevent heat from entering through the window during hot summers. A great way to reduce the size of the carbon footprint as a result of your activity is to substitute all existing windows with low solar control glasses as they reduce the use of air conditioners significantly. For constructing glass facades in office building and skyscrapers, this type of glass works beautifully in conserving energy. As the heat is restricted, you can enjoy cool indoors even on the hottest summer days as well. Additionally, the glass allows ample sunlight to enter the indoors resulting in brighter spaces. Further, it has a coating that blocks UV rays and offers low e-glass UV protection.

3. Tinted Glass

Installing tinted glass is one of the most unique and contemporary approaches for cutting down the sun’s heat. It absorbs solar radiation and keeps the indoors much cooler. Besides that, the coloured exterior helps designers to create new and appealing trends that accentuate the house windows.

4. Reflective glass

If one is looking for the specific attribute of controlling the amount of heat in a window, reflective window glass is the most energy efficient glass. Due to its special metallic coating, it reduces heat gain or loss to a large extent, thus being highly effective when it comes to energy saving. AIS Glass offers AIS SunShield, the ideal glass that meets a wide range of architectural, aesthetic and energy efficiency needs.

The aforementioned points are some of the most idealistic ways of making your home energy efficient. To find the best quotations, contact a renowned glass manufacturer who not only excels in installation but after sales service as well.