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AIS Auto Glass: An Indispensable Part of Every Journey

A major part of what defines human civilisation today is the way we move from one place of the world to another. From the metro rail underground, vehicles on the road, and the airplane up in the sky, humanity is continuously redefining transportation. But what is it that makes our modern modes of transport fast, smooth and yet, most critically, safe? Well, there's a bit of glass and a lot of technology behind it.

A basic requirement of all automobiles is to be able to provide a clear and undistorted view of the path ahead and monitor all the surroundings on a live basis to avoid possible obstacles. This requirement is fulfilled by a high-tech version of the humble glass, which we know to be laminated glass today. Indeed, thanks to engineering advancements, glass has made a marked departure from its quintessential brittle image to become the go-to product for modern transportation's safety needs.

AIS Glass: Steering Every Journey

Laminated glass is a form of safety glass used in many automobiles and airplanes. They are much stronger than regular glass and therefore, incorporated for use as front windscreen. As much as they provide a critical view of the surroundings, they also guard against harm where injury is more likely during accidents. This is possible because laminated glass has a layer of plastic (PVB) that bonds two sheets of float glass. This causes the glass to remain whole, instead of shattering into dangerous shards, on facing impact.

AIS is always at the forefront of designing cutting edge laminated glass that is trusted by premium automobile manufacturing companies which share the AIS motto of being agile, ahead and futuristic. Its laminated glass is designed to be highly effective in noise reduction, thereby providing acoustic comfort to passengers. In fact, high-end automobile manufacturers use this glass for side and rear windshield glass too. That said, the tempered glass happens to be the more common choice of glass for side window and rear windshield glass. Tempered glass is also strong and safe as it breaks into many small, round pieces on impact which cuts down the risk of injuries.

At AIS, we recognise the fact that the Indian subcontinent and many other parts of the world have to endure weather extremities of different seasons. This affects its people in different ways as they go about their work and their quality of daily life in general. With its variety of auto glass types, AIS constantly endeavours to make every journey, big or small, safe .

Because we know every success story begins with a single step, we want to make sure that nothing stops you from taking that step, not even the inclement weather. What drives us is the motivation to be a part of many great stories of success, achievements, triumph and most importantly, experiences.

Keeping all adverse weather conditions in mind, fog is probably the most dangerous. Driving in such conditions can affect one’s ability to see and several car accidents happen in winters because of this. The Defogger Glass is ideal for such conditions as it ensures clear visibility even in the most extreme conditions. This type of glass removes ice and condensation from the rear glass electrically.

Apart from this, AIS has also designed the heated windshields for those snowy winter days. It prevents the wiper blades from getting stuck due to snow or ice build-up in the wiper resting area. It defogs quickly and melts the snow to provide better clarity for the driver. For the long rainy season, the water repellent sidelites glass is ideal as it helps to provide better clarity of side mirrors even during the heavy rains to ensure safe driving.

It is not just the foggy winters and rainy days that can affect driving pattern. The inescapable harsh tropical summers are also unsafe for driving long distances: extended exposure to the sun's glare is damaging for the eyes, skin and overall health of people inside the car. The solar control glass is the best option for driving in hot climatic regions because its superior heat absorption properties keep the ambient temperature inside the car at cool and comfortable levels.

Evidently, Solar Control Glass also enhances a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by reducing the load on the AC unit with less heat transfer from outside. Which is why, it is also used for side and back windows. It prevents the car from heating up, even if you have to park it under the sun. It protects the steering wheel and cabin interior and ensures longer life of upholstery due to reduced heat.

With Constant Innovations And Unique Solutions

In its quest to offer better solutions for Indian conditions, AIS has worked extensively to develop a unique offering called Dark Green UV Cut glass. Apart from reducing the thermal load inside the cabin, it also eliminates the harmful UV radiation by approximately 80 percent. What's more, its green colour exudes the perfect coolness and elegance and is in compliance with the Indian motor vehicle rules for light transmission of 50 percent for side lights.

We also understand that as a part of India's fast growing economy, while its cities are becoming larger and up-scale they are also becoming noisier. To ensure a calm, peaceful riding experience inside the car amidst the tiring noise and din of the city, we have come up with the Acoustic windshield which can dramatically reduce noise and vibrations inside the car cabin. This alleviates driver and passenger fatigue, enabling them to have a better riding experience to enjoy music, conversations and phone calls.

For over 30 years now, AIS has been the most preferred choice for automotive OEMs, commanding an impressive 77% market share. It has the unique distinction of being the only glass solutions provider in the country that has been awarded the prestigious Deming Prize in 2007 for performance improvements through Total Quality Management (TQM).