Apr 04, 2018 2

How Frequently Does An Air Conditioner Need Service?

We all love saving money, but there are many ways to facilitate a more energy-efficient home. Turning off the lights in rooms before you leave them, using energy-efficient light bulbs, unplugging your device chargers when they are not attached to anything, and, believe it or not, servicing your air conditioner can all result in a lower electric bill in the next months. However, it’s not always clear when you should make that service call for your AC unit or how you can maintain your air conditioner during the other 364 days of the year.

Know When To Service Your AC Unit

An air conditioner should be checked out by an expert at least once a year. While it’s possible that your AC unit might not need service, making sure that it is regularly inspected ensures that you will deal with possible problems swiftly, preventing a worsening issue or months of waste.

Of course, if you notice any of the following symptoms, don’t hesitate to call an expert right away.

● Warm air

● Strange noises

● Bad smells

● Leaking, dripping, or humidity

● Excess dust in your home

● Uneven temperatures throughout your home

Sometimes, Replacement Is Necessary

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the age of an AC unit dictates that it should be replaced. Older systems lack the kind of energy efficiency that you need for a low monthly bill, gobbling up electricity and giving you very little in return, so if your AC unit is more than ten or fifteen years old, you may want to investigate your options for AC installation in Gilbert.

Tips for Regular Maintenance

What about maintenance? If you care about your air conditioner enough to have it serviced once a year (which you should!) then you are probably also wondering how you can take care of your unit during the rest of the year. Following the tips below will not only increase the life of your AC system but will also make it less likely that you’ll need to call for service repairs between your air conditioner’s annual check-up.

1. The best thing you can do for your air conditioner is to regularly maintain its filters! By either cleaning or replacing its filters on a regular basis, you can ensure that your air conditioner is running efficiently and effectively. In fact, ridding your AC unit of its filthy filter can result in a 5% to 15% decrease in energy consumption!

2. Check your air conditioner’s drainage system at frequent intervals, especially during the summer when your system is working at full force. Drain channels can become blocked over time, resulting in devastating leaks or excess humidity in your home.

3. If your air conditioner is a window unit, check the seal and its orientation! Improper placement of the unit or compromised seals can result in disaster and wasted cool air over time, leading to a higher energy bill due to the excess effort your unit will put forth to keep your house comfortable.

With a little bit of love and attention, your air conditioner will serve you well. However, don’t be afraid to pursue AC installation in Gilbert if you feel like something is wrong. Your thermostat and your energy bill will thank you!