May 31, 2016 77

6 Right Dress Tips For Short Gentlemen

Dressing stylishly can be a tricky thing for those people who don't know how to get ready for a party or for formal events. There are many clothing brands that can change your appearance by offering you to wear different fits and everyone easily get fits into those pre-defined sizes. No matter, whether you are extremely short, tall, slim or fat, your little efforts can help you to find the right dress for the right occasion. However, who have been blessed with long heights may not feel that many problems but short height men have to face various problems to look tall. It is really challenging for them to choose right color, dress, shoes and accessories that make look them attractive and cover up the drawback of short height.

Let’s find out such smart dress tips that elevate the appearance of short gentlemen:-

1. Balance Your Dressing

All short men remember to wear clothes that help them balance their upper and bottom part of their body. Short men should avoid wearing horizontal lines and try to wear basic colored shirts to look taller. Moreover, loud colors with bold prints or geometric patterns are not suitable for short-sighted people as these things make them look shorter.

2. Avoid Wearing Shapeless Clothes

Wear those clothes that fit you well and make you look attractive instead of stupid. If they are too long or short for your body frame then make them alter that specify your body shape. Loose and long clothing not only decrease your appearance but also make you look more short and fatty too, so it is better to cut down the extra vertice inches that make you feel comfortable.

3. Do’s & Don’ts For Shirts

Finding the right fit for your body structure is a daunting task, especially when you need to find clothes in other brands that you have never tried before. Go for shirts that embrace your physique instead of suffocating them. You can try regular fit if you are too skinny and healthy men can opt for the slim fit that makes them look slim and tall.

4. Choose Right Fit For Your Bottoms

As far as pants are concerned, flat-front will look nice. Avoid wearing pants with cuffs as it restricts your height. Try to choose plain trousers with light weight material instead of trying different patterns. Low-rise jeans give the illusion of shorter legs so you can try mid- rise jeans. Wearing same color shirt and bottom can deliver a flawless look and gives the feel of tall height.

5. Belting It Out

If you are tucking your shirts in, then don’t use the wide belt as it will divide your upper and lower section of the body and make you look more shorter.

6. Feet Fashion

Tall men shoes are best way to look taller and add more charm to your appearance. Earlier only women have this option to look taller instantly but now high heel shoes for men is too common among short gentlemen.