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Kids Portrait Photo Shoot

Kids Portraits Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of doing a kids portrait photo shoot at a family home. The family hadn't updated the kid's portraits for a number of years and thought it was time to do so. So the family call me, book me up for a Platinum Portrait Package and we arrange a date and time.

We arranged for an evening photo shoot and set up a home studio at their house. We decided to go for a low-key style photo shoot. This creating focus just on the children. Personally, I love low-key photos so it was a great treat for me also.

Lee and Annemarie wanted Portraits of Cam and Olivia separately and asked for a portrait of them together. Apparently making them look like they love each other, as they don't show it often.  Squabbling like most siblings do, but deep down, they do love each other.

As you can see, they do love each other and are very happy. They are a great family and it was a pleasure and honour to photograph the kids. Olivia was much more willing to pose, Cam not so much at first, but soon got into the swing of things, thus making some great photos.

Picking the pictures

Lee and Annemarie were unsure if they wanted colour or black and white photos. So I was happy to supply both digitally and let them review the shots in a private gallery, as part of the package. After reviewing the images and consulting with myself, they decided on all colour prints.

Picking all colour or black and white will give a much more profound impact when framed and hung on the wall. In the package they got four 10x8 inches mounted prints ready for frames. This keeping them uniform and creating more impact on viewing on the wall.

If you wish to have some portraits done of your children or other family members, then, please click here to contact me to discuss any ideas you have. You can also find my prices on this page with all the packages I offer. Don't forget to leave a comment and feel free to share this post using the buttons below.