I'm an artist, ceramist, gardener and mom.

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Abigail Murray is an artist, ceramist, gardener and mom. While not making ware, she collaborates on small scale design projects with Archolab. In both bodies of work she explores ideas about function, nature, community and food. She lives and works in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  

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Ahmed Mohamed

I am a 14 yr old Maker, and I am going to meet the President in the White House, for making a cool clock.

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Derrick Castle

I'm a Nashville based Graphic Designer/Illustrator. I freelance for many of the major Merchandising groups, as well as clothing labels.

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Bhanu Sharma

Founder of Maker. Co-founded Wanadu (acquired by Cisco). Led products at Adobe, Macromedia , Sony, Latitude Communications and Skyfire.

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A baby’s first pair of cool shoes. Heirloom quality keepsakes crafted with luxuriously soft lambskin, a focus on style, and loads of American Pride.

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Meghan Navoy

Sustainability enthusiast, designer, and textile artist.

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