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Which Course To Pursue: The MCSE Certification or The MCITP (Microsoft Lync Server?

Windows Servers are highly popular and the Windows products and IT services are the first choices for many business and other organizations. Certifications in the realm of Windows servers are hence an instant gateway to the lucrative IT jobs that have a very bright future.

Below is a brief description of two certifications related to Windows Server viz. MCSE certification, and the MCITP certification, which is quite popular today. These 2 certifications are part of the MCP or Microsoft Certified Professional program of the parent company Microsoft. The MCP certifications are aimed to enable the IT developers and professionals to prove that they possess the requisite technical skills and knowledge in the respective certification domain and are industry ready. All MCP programs including the MCSE and the MCITP certification are recognized by the industry and those possessing it have the greatest employability and promotional chances.

The MICTP Certification

The MICTP Lync Server Administrator 2010 certification is for those IT experts and professionals who plan and design the IT Solutions for the unified communication platforms. For pursuing this certification one needs to have at least 2 years of prior work experience in the Microsoft Lync Server 2010, the Office Communication Server 2007 R2 or the Office Communication Server 2007, among other technologies similar and related to this realm. The MICTP course introduces you new many new aspects of the Microsoft servers and brings to you the skills to make an entry into the IT profession.

The course teaches you how to:

● Comprehend the remote access to various users

● Configure all the rights associated and the users

● Comprehend conferencing of the Lync server

● Skills and expertise related to the configuration and designing of EV enterprise voice functionality

● Troubleshooting and load balancing

● Collaborating with the response group service and the location service

The MCSE Certification

The MCSE or the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Certification turns you into a Systems Engineer. It brings to you all the expertise related to design, control, administration, troubleshooting and implementation of all IT infrastructure by using the Window Server platform. The new MCSE certification replaces the earlier certification by the name Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

MCSE certifications are offered by Microsoft in areas including:

● Business Application

● Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

● Data management and Analytics

● Productivity

● Mobility

MCSE is advanced and higher level certification and those possessing it get a higher salary and position. These professionals are trusted by businesses worldwide for controlling, administering and running all the Microsoft IT systems.

You need to possess the MCSA or the Microsoft Certified Solution Associate Certification in order to be eligible for the MCSA certification. Those possessing the MCSA certification need to pass three or four examinations (in their specialization areas or domain) in order to be certified as an MCSE.

Which one to pursue

Those new to the functioning of the Windows Server should pursue the MCITP server administrator certification. IT professionals who already possess the MCITP certification (in Lync, SQL and Windows Server 2008 among other areas) should opt for the MCSE certification in their prior specialization platform. This upgrade path will bring to you much more salary and a higher position conveniently.

The availability of online education services has made it quite convenient for all IT professionals to pursue a new certification in their free time and at home itself. Hands-on training in real-world IT projects across business and industrial segments, expert lecture sessions and online classrooms, study and learning materials, practice paper sets and many other resources bring to you all the skills, expertise, and knowledge necessary to excel in the exam.

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