Jul 07, 2018 4

The Many Ways to Socialize While You Advertise on Digital Media

Gone are the days when traditional advertising was the ‘it way’ to advertise, it’s time to socialise while you advertise! It’s not very long since the inception of social media, which was developed primarily for interpersonal communication that translated into a tool of mass connectivity for marketers, brands and advertisers for commercial outreach with creativity of course. About a decade ago this phenomenon caught up and spread like wild fire in the advertising news in India, creating such rage in the marketing world that we now have specialised professional courses to understand and play with social media for various commercial interests such as, social media management, digital marketing; which has changed the world and the understanding of marketing to the core. Social media/digital media has opened up yet another passage where trolls and bad mouthing is also easily possible hence, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is another feature offered to social media users at corporate level.

So much (and much more to come) about the world of possibilities that is social media. Let’s discuss a thing or two about how this medium can help advertisers do their job better. Marketers and digital media experts have been developing gazillion ways to discover how they can reach their audiences world over and more effectively. The most commonly used ways to advertise on social media is by making:

• Banner ads,

• Video ads (short and large format),

• Posters,

• Gif format ads, etc.

Running campaigns using the above-mentioned formats:

Advertising on social media too is like running in a race. The better and early you advertise, the better your chances are at the win. To go for the kill, advertisers and marketers should also go for interactive exercises like product or brand campaigns like:

• Product coupons/flash sales

• Sitewide discounts

• Limited time offers

• Free delivery/shipping

• Giveaways

• White papers and

• E-books for avid readers

A new way to advertise your brand and product is through influencer marketing. That is to say, who wouldn’t want their product to be used and endorsed by a Kim Kardashian or a dazzling diva like Priyanka Chopra and her likes?!! These days our very own homeboy Virat Kohli is seen doing ‘paid partnership’ with top shot brands endorsing them in his own style which is what most fans are attracted towards. Influencer marketing is both unpaid and now after realising what all it can do for sales and positive brand impression, it can also be paid for.