Apr 22, 2019 0

The Importance of Customer Journey Mapping

One of the biggest challenges for a company is to get into the minds of its customers. Questions like why a customer spends so long browsing just to close the tab or why the customer takes numerous steps to go from Point A to Point B always make marketers think.

The root cause of being confused over such questions is you not having any roadmap of customer journey in your company. With the help of customer journey, a customer interacts with a company to achieve a goal.

How to Create A Customer Journey Map?

Today’s consumer interacts with brands in varied ways like getting aware of a brand through social media to receiving thank you email after a successful transaction.

A customer journey can’t be assumed or predicted but is specific to the physical experiences of your customer. Thus, the best way to figure out a customer journey is by interviewing your customers.

After understanding the customer journey, the next thing to do is to visualise it into a diagram for reference to you and your colleagues. This is the point where a customer journey map is employed.

Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is a representation of process a customer goes through to achieve a particular goal. With a customer journey map, you get to know your customers' needs and woes.

By gaining an understanding of your customers and knowing what motivates them you get an idea on how to structure customer touchpoints to create the most effective process for your customers.

A customer journey cannot be represented linearly from A to B, and hence, it is required to take a back and forth, multi-channel or cyclical journey approach. The important thing while making a customer journey map is for it to make sense to the people who’ll be using it.

Why Is a Customer Journey Map Important?

Breaking down customer journey part by part, aligning each step with an end-goal, and restructuring the customer touchpoints are essential steps to achieve customer success.

Customer experience mapping helps your company with an inbound perspective. Rather than trying to be on a lookout for customers through push marketing, you can have your target audience find you using inbound marketing.

By user journey mapping, you can understand the interests of your customers. Accordingly, you can create content that attracts your prospects to your company.

Hence, a customer journey map is pretty important for businesses to get to know their customers in detail and make their future experience A-class.