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Versatile Jewellery For Every Occasion

If you are new to the business of buying jewellery or are simply looking to diversify your collection, you are at the right place. You can start by investing in a few classic pieces that will add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. These will make you look and feel glamorous at every setting. Whether it is the workplace, a wedding or just a casual day at the mall, these staples will add instant sophistication to any outfit you pick.

A Pearl Set

Pearl jewellery works with absolutely everything. A pearl necklace will instantly embellish everything from a pretty frock to a gorgeous saree. You can wear iconic white pearl earrings even with formal wear, since they are basic but extremely classy. You can buy a small neck piece or a long one with multiple strands, or even some coloured pearls without worrying as they will come into use at some point of time due to their versatile nature.

Diamond Stud Earrings

When you want to keep it subtle yet chic, diamonds are the best option. For any occasion, you can rely on a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. There is no question of diamond jewellery not matching with an outfit, no matter what metal colour it is set in, and so diamonds are your safest bet.

Silver or gold bracelet

If you don’t like keeping your hands bare, but don’t like the idea of bangles, you can go for a single gold or silver bracelet. Once again, bracelets add the much-needed glitz to any casual, formal or ethnic outfit without overpowering the look. Just make sure that the size and fitting is comfortable. Paired with the right earrings, they might just be your constant companions.

Solitaire necklaces

Solitaire necklaces are the embodiments of simplicity with charm. A simple solitaire necklace will add personality to most outfits without making you feel overdressed. Any dress that does not have a lot of beading or styling around the neckline will look great with a solitaire necklace.

You can find these iconic jewellery pieces almost everywhere in India, from jewellers in Delhi to those in the southern parts of the country. Once you have explored these basic pieces, you can start looking for more intriguing pieces that will separate your collection from the others.