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Upgrading your diamond engagement ring: 3 proven methods

Believe it or not, there is no other jewellery item more precious than a diamond engagement ring and rightfully so. That’s why it becomes important to pay extra attention to your ring and one way of doing so is by upgrading it. Be it upgrading the setting of your engagement ring or its diamond, you can choose from a plethora of upgrading options. Once you make up your mind, take your diamond ring to one of the top jewellers in India to get the best quality jewellery upgrading services.

Here are a few ways to upgrade your diamond ring:

• Upgrading the Setting

One of the most common ways of upgrading your diamond ring is to change its setting. In case, you are planning to replace your old diamond with a bigger or smaller sized diamond, changing the setting will help you a great deal. You can also choose to go for this upgrading option when you want your diamonds to be held more securely. For instance, the old prong setting of your diamond ring can be changed to a bezel setting as it is comparatively safer.

At times, the old setting can be adapted to a new one without having to change the entire setting of the ring.

Upgrading the Ring’s Band

When you think of upgrading the band of your ring, there must be a lot of things running in your mind, be it wanting to change the design of the band of your ring or simply upgrade its metal to a more durable one. Well, if you find yourself perturbed over this, it’s better to take professional advice from one of the best jewellers in India. In most cases, people go for upgrading their ring’s band from a less durable metal to a one more durable.

You can also go for upgrading the band of your ring if it doesn’t fit your finger properly. Your jeweller will let you know about the possible resizing options depending upon the metal and design of your ring.

Upgrading an Engagement Ring’s Diamond

In case you are thinking of replacing the old diamond of your engagement ring with a better quality diamond, tell your jeweler about it. But make sure that you take into consideration how your ring will look when you replace it with a different diamond. For instance, if your diamond has a yellow gold setting, you would not like a yellow coloured diamond stone irrespective of its quality as it won’t do any justice to the overall look of the ring. For a better understanding of the entire process, you must always consult your jeweller.