May 23, 2019 0

Perfect Guide to Choose Bridal Jewellery

Weddings are a celebration of love and life, but there is also a lot of hard work and a series of

decision making involved. Whether it is the outfit or the jewellery, it requires weeks of searching for the top wedding planners and the best jewellers in Delhi and other big cities.

Choosing the right wedding jewellery can make all the difference in the world as it gives you the perfect look and enhances your outfit to a great extent. Additionally, it is the wedding jewellery that adds royalty and grandeur to a bride’s look. This is why we have come up with five tips that will help you choose the perfect bridal jewellery without breaking into a sweat or becoming the typical ‘bridezilla’.

• Cultural perspective

Every piece of jewellery worn by the bride on her special day must hold some value to her and add a significant meaning to the wedding ceremony, whether it is a part of the tradition or an heirloom passed from one generation to the next. When shopping for wedding jewellery in Delhi, make sure you have some ideas in mind regarding what you expect and want for your final wedding look.

• Matching the metal to the dress

It is important to make sure that the colour of your wedding outfit matches your jewellery. There are times when the bride cannot decide whether she should go for diamond or gold jewellery and instead ends up trying to get the best of both worlds. But mismatching accessories is the worst mistake one can make. When wearing something in white, it is a good idea to select platinum or diamond jewellery. However, when it comes to rose pink and emerald green dresses, gold jewellery is the ideal choice. As the colour blush is in fashion nowadays, it can be worn with rose gold for the best result.

Consider the neckline

Perhaps one of the most important elements to consider when accessorizing your wedding outfit is the décolletage of your blouse or gown. It is important to ensure that the neckline is in tandem with the necklace you select. If the blouse has a V neck or a sweetheart neckline, a choker or a pendant that matches with the earrings works best. However, if it is a halter or a reverse halter, a necklace can be ditched and the focus can be on the earrings. Wedding jewellers like Hazoorilal Legacy have a range of beautiful and contemporary-styled earrings that look divine with different necklines.

• Be Comfortable

It is important to remember that the jewellery you choose will have to be worn by you for long durations, and hence, it is important to select pieces that feel comfortable to you. The last thing a bride needs is to get nervous on the wedding day because a hairpin refuses to stay in place. So, make sure you try all the jewellery pieces in the combination you want to wear them in on the big day. This way, you can prepare and select your wedding jewellery according to what feels and looks good on you.

Avoid too many colours

When you opt for too many colours for your wedding jewellery, it distracts the attention from the overall wedding attire. Hence, try and go for single or bi-colour jewellery that blends well with the entire outfit. Jewellery that consists of one or two colours looks more elegant and magnificent. This is because it stands out and is easy to pull off with a heavy outfit.

Follow the above tips to accentuate your overall wedding look. Happy planning!